Progulochnye Transformery Lyulki Trosti Modulnye Komplekty Aksessuary Dlya-dvoyni

Release day!

Jun 02 2011

Good morning, everyone! We are really excited that our album comes out today! It is sitting on the shelves of all good record shops across Australia, and is downloadable on iTunes. We hope you enjoy it. The real life CD version comes with lyric sheets and track information, and if you bring it along to one of our shows we will be happy to sign it for you afterwards. We will buy some silver pens.

Speaking of the tour, our show at The Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne is now sold out, so we have decided to do another show the following evening, which is Monday July 25. Tickets for that went on sale yesterday. Our shows in Newcastle and Meeniyan are also sold out, but unfortunately those are the only shows we can do in those places. See you on the road soon.

The whole album

May 31 2011

For those of you who enjoy a spot of social networking, you can now stream the whole Seeker Lover Keeper album on our Seeker Lover Keeper facebook page. You will find all the songs through the ‘Events’ link on the left hand side. You have to ‘like’ the page, with your thumbs up, in order to listen. But once you do, you can ask us pertinent questions, post horoscope readings, or put your thumbs up to anything that takes your fancy.

In other news, it is only a few days until our album is available for purchase. It will be in all good record shops, and on iTunes, this Friday June 3rd. Remember: friends don’t let friends illegally download.

A competition

May 25 2011

We were wondering if you and a friend/partner/compadre would like to be flown to Melbourne, where you will pick up a complimentary hire care, drive to the delightful Yarra Valley, be accommodated in style, and attend our show at Stones Of The Yarra Valley, while you eat a three-course meal and drink a responsible amount of wine? You would?! Well do we have the competition for you! Click here to enter. A small amount of creativity is required.

Radio waves & The Factory

May 23 2011

We are all really excited that our record is feature album on triple j all this week. That means you will hear lots of songs, and some of them will be preceded by little introductions we recorded, explaining various things about our time in the studio, or telling a story or two. You can also stream the whole album via the triple j website until May 30.

We would also like to announce that, due to popular demand, another show has been added at The Factory in Sydney on Saturday, July 9. Tickets for that show went on sale this morning, so quick sticks!

For those of you who would like a Seeker Lover Keeper picture-card, which we all signed with a nice silver pen, you will get one if you pre-order the album through JB Hi-Fi. In this way it is much like a set of steak knives, but prettier and with less utilitarian value. As the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

Three Videos & One Tour

May 13 2011

A few months ago we decided – since there are three of us – that we would make not one, not two, but three videos as an introduction to our album. We are very excited to unveil them here today. These videos were directed by Natalie Van Den Dungen for the songs ‘Even Though I’m A Woman’, ‘On My Own’ and ‘Light All My Lights’, and they star three of our favourite actors: Aden Young, John Waters and Barry Otto. We would like to thank everyone involved in this project, especially these three fine men. We hope you find these videos as moving as we do.

We are also very pleased to announce that our debut album will be released in Australia on June 3rd. And, to celebrate, we have planned a big Seeker Lover Keeper album tour in July. We are going to be playing in many cities and towns with the amazing Jim White on the drums and the wonderful David Symes on the bass. Dates and ticketing information is here on the TOUR page. Tickets go on sale today!